Carey and Debbie above Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring

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"Austin-Winter 2005"

    Austin, TX

    December 25, 2004 through March 28, 2005

Story by Carey


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Always enthusiastic public servants, the beans stand watch while a citizen removes some debris someone left planted in the public right of way


Then we went downtown and looked at the Capitol and grounds.

The beans slipped easily through the gates of the State CapitolThe beans got a little dizzy peering up at the dome from withinThe beans found a nice place for a nap on some monument just outside the Capitol doors


Zilker park had pretty kites aloft.

Zilker park is a kite flying paradise in the springOne of many happy kites aloft that day



The world famous Barton Springs pool was filled with frolicking folks, while various stone figures just stood around.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Barton Springs poolA natural treasure that is enjoyed by man and vegetable alikeBut what happened to the diving boards???The three philosophers playing "pass the beans"

The beans caught a ride on Stevie Ray's stratThe Austin skyline and Town Lake, as seen from Auditorium Shores


The UT campus was looking good.

The beans wondering why the Louisiana State capitol building is in Texas too?Naw, from up close, it's the UT tower, looking like an owlThe beans cheered the 'horns baseball squad all their way to their eventual 2005 national championshipLarry and Boyd got enlisted to flip the K's for a few games


And the 360 bridge didn't collapse.

The Pennybacker bridge spans clear across Lake Austin


DVI headquarters looks impressive from the air, and always proves a magnet for a colorful cast of characters.

Our home base in Austin from above (my old Suburban's visible in back)


Finally, someone shows up to take away junk instead of leave it!The neighboring building got the dumpster treatment alsoOur main entertainment out the front window is watching folks wait for the bus


My dad's truck got turned into some kind of weird hail art.

My Dad's pickup after the big hailstorm rendered it polka-dottedNature's version of a faux finish


We put on some solar panels.

The 'bu wagon proved just the right size to retrieve four solar panels form the freight depotGeorge's ole' blue Suburban came in handy in getting the panels onto the roofThe four 175 Watt solar panels arranged atop the RV so as to avoid being shadowed by the various protruburancesOutback MX-60 solar charge controller installed neatly in the bay with our inverter

Handy digital readout shows just under 500 Watts being produced at the moment


And did some sealing of the rig.

Ugly blackness in the ceiling carpet wherever air gets channeled throughSeveral more cans of spray foam should help seal this thingWe drilled holes from the outside and sprayed in tons of foam to seal the top of the rear cap


Finally we were ready to leave our parking lot home and head down to Corpus for some spring windsurfing.



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